Programming & Ecology

We’re grateful to academic groups (like NAVSA’s Vcologies caucus) who have offered recommendations for green conference practices, which we’ve tried to implement in designing NAVSA 2019 event locations, catering menus, and program materials. We’ll have a very light check-in with no swag, so you may want to pack an already owned tote bag, notebook, and thermos. If you’d like information about “carbon offsets”—donations to climate-conscious initiatives to offset financially the ecological impact of activities like airline travel—feel free to get in touch with us at

Downloading the conference program: We’re happy to provide a print program to all registrants by default. But if you would like to download a fully identical PDF version from our program page instead, you can enter your name and check the opt-out box here. (We’ll note clearly on the program page when the online version is final.)