Profession Workshops

The workshops are open to NAVSA 2019 participants at any stage of the profession, from graduate students to in-career scholars. They will take place on Sunday, October 20th as an extra half-day registration option beyond the regular conference programming. Workshop leaders will offer practical guidance and strategies on the topics described below.


Registered participants will be offered breakfast (8:00 – 8:30) and then may choose either session in each time block.

Workshop Descriptions


Article Publishing will offer editorial and authorial perspectives on successful article submission. Possible topics include choosing appropriate journals, creating arguments that speak to wide audiences, reshaping seminar papers and dissertation chapters into articles, and processing and responding to reader reports.

Workshop leaders: Allen MacDuffie, Monique Morgan  

First-Book Publishing will break down the difference between the dissertation and the monograph and the process of going from one to the other. Participants will discuss what it means to reconceive a project’s aims and organization. They will also learn how to navigate the publishing landscape, including scoping out presses, submitting a proposal, and revising a manuscript in response to reader feedback.

Workshop leaders: Elaine Auyoung Nasser Mufti  



The Academic Market will provide advice on the academic job search, including effective cover letters, CVs, writing samples, and interviews. Participants will learn what information to prioritize, how to balance accepted protocol with distinctive self-presentation, and what to expect personally and professionally from the job-search process.

Workshop leaders:, Deanna KreiselLorenzo Servitje

Sunday, October 20th

  • Article Publishing


  • First-Book Publishing

  • The Academic Market


  • Teaching, Service, Labor: Gender & "Diversity"

  • Non-Academic Work & Life


  • Writing: Fitting It In, Making It Social

Teaching, Service, Labor: Gender & “Diversity” will consider in practical terms some common issues of managing workload for women and people from underrepresented groups. Possible topics include negotiating the tacit politics of mentoring and service structures; weighing the pros and cons of potential new roles; managing or benefiting when it seems impossible to say “no”; and handling emotional workload and finding support networks.

Workshop leaders: Ryan Fong, Melissa Valiska GregoryPriti Joshi    

Non-Academic Work & Life will address work outside the profession in relation to academic expertise and skills. What resources are available to build up capacities for non-academic jobs? How should applicants pitch themselves, and what can they expect when they apply? What considerations are involved in the choice to pursue non-academic work?

Workshop leader: Cecily Hill   

Writing: Fitting It In, Making It Social will address the common challenge of finding the time and motivation to write. Possible topics include scheduling strategies and motivational methods and tools. An overlapping focus will be writing as a social activity, both in work-sharing and accountability groups and in collaborative projects.

Workshop leaders: Nora GilbertErica HaugtvedtCannon Schmitt