How to Register

Registration for NAVSA 2019 takes place through our Ex Ordo submission and registration system:

If you submitted a paper or panel proposal earlier in the year and already have an Ex Ordo account, please use your username and password to log in.  Once you have logged in, click on the "Registrations" link and follow the directions from there.

If you did not submit a proposal and thus do not have an Ex Ordo account, you will need to establish one in order to register.  Please click on the above link, follow the directions for creating an account, and then click on the "Registrations" link.

Please note: All conference attendees must be current (2019) members of the NAVSA organization. Special membership rates are available for graduate students, adjunct faculty, and independent scholars. Join or renew your membership here:

Registration Fees

Registration fees are as follows:

  • Tenure-track faculty:​

    • $210 through August 20th

    • $230 after August 20th

  • Nontenure-track faculty and independent scholars: 

    • $135 through August 20th 

    • $155 after August 20th

  • Graduate students: 

    • $135 through August 20th

    • $155 after August 20th

  • Undergraduate students: 

    • $100 through August 20th

    • $120 after August 20th

Banquet and Profession Workshops

We invite all registrants to attend the conference banquet during lunch time on Saturday, October 19th.  There is a cost of $50 for banquet attendees. We can accommodate gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan preferences..

Registrants will also have the option to sign up for Sunday profession workshops. The cost is $40 (for breakfast and expenses).

Please sign up for the banquet and workshops during the registration process through Ex Ordo.

Deadlines, Cancellation, and Other Information


The final registration deadline for any conference participants scheduled to present in any session or event is September 15th, 2019. Those who remain unregistered after this date will not appear in the printed program. The final registration for attendees not scheduled to present is October 10, 2019.


For those who cancel their registration, a refund will be provided through August 31st, 2019 with a subtracted $18 processing fee. Cancellations made between September 1st and September 15th will receive a $50 refund. Any cancellation made after September 15th will not receive a refund.


Cancellation requests must be made in writing to